Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disturbing Behavior

In my career based around the Entertainment Industry I have to keep up on the latest Magazines,Books,Radio and Television shows.I have come to realize an unpleasant pattern.We tend to overlook this behavior because it is entertainment to us but that doesn't make it right.In this blog im going to enhance your mind on things you already know about celebrities but you may over look.We are patting celebrities on the back for cruel and disgusting behavior.
PAULY D,THE SITUATION AND VINNY:On the hit show Jersey Shore you see them partying,fighting, and having a good time.But obesity is a subject they all talk down upon atleast 3 times an episode.In the Second season Vinny and Snooki had a sexual encounter and of course Snooki confessed nice and flattering things about Vinny,but he said mean and rude things in regards to her.He denied even touching her simply because she was overweight.Isn't Vinny's mother overweight?Why do men tend to talk about women that may be overweight but their daughters,mothers,or sisters 9 times out of 10 are overweight as well?Pauly D and The Situation are the most confusing because they sleep with multiple women some may be overweight some not so easy on the eyes but regardless they still give them play.Once they are done they call them Hippos,Fat Chicks,etc...Now on Thursday Jersey Shore topped the television charts with 8 Million viewers.Thats somethhing to think about.
MO'NIQUE:The most successful plus size black woman in the Urban Entertainment World always takes projects that make fun of her weight.Which im sure is 90% of her contract.Everything she has been apart of has embarrassed me as a plus size black woman.On her television show The Parkers she played a woman who adored a handsome black man that didn't want her because she was overweight.Then on top of all that she was loud and obnoxious.Why?Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins,Baby Boy,Phat Girlz,and Two Can Play That Game are a few of her chart topping big screen movie roles that make her look awful.The number one project that she did that was pathetic is her BET peformance to Beyonce's Crazy In Love.They attempted to try to orchestrate it in good taste.Unfortunately it didn't come off that way.It was almost as if Beyonce was in an uncomfortable situation and she had no choice but to praise her for doing it.Her facial expression was a little salty to say the least.Im not sure why everything has to be a competition between large and small.
THE GAME:Hosea Chanchek plays Malik Wright on the popular TV series The Game.He met a beautiful plus size black woman who he was ashamed to go to public places with because he was scared of what other people may think.He kept her as a late night rondevue and showered her with complimants to pacify her.He stood her up simply because he didn't want to be judged.Im impressed that he was able to get through the fog that clouded his judgement.And publicly date her.Later on in the show we all know that they didn't work out because of his immature ways.
The world as I know it will never change the way they view obesity because it is already drilled in peoples brain as nasty or unsanitary.But before you say anything about anybody's size you may need to talk to an immediate family member that is overweight and see the trials and tribulations they have went through before you pass judgement.


  1. OKAY!!! Very well put girl. I'm sure you're not the only woman that feels this way. But you can make a difference by taking a stand and not take those type of roles. And hopefully there are other women out there that will read this and will be encouraged to do the same.